Dawn Meaney (Emma Warburton-Meaney)

She’s shouting, asking me if I’m receiving her! It’s hilarious, Dawn has a good sense of humour but she still liked things how she liked them and this is new to her, me typing on what she says looks like a TV screen (its an ipad). Anyway, thanks for putting me on this place, she says. It’s good, you can hear what I’m thinking instead of just wondering.

She’s naturally nosey or rather she likes to think inquisitive and she laughs again. But back to you, thank you for putting me up here, you’ve had a funny old 2 years haven’t you, but I’m so glad it’s settling down for you now. It’s time you had things to look forward to, you’ve been struggling for so long.

Please do what YOU want this year never mind anyone else, this is about you now, it’s your time and life is so short don’t waste any of it, you’ll be old and have more grey hair (again lols) before you know it so time to start moving forward and having fun, less work more play.

You will move house in the next couple of years and it will such a blessing and you’ll still take some of my stuff with you, oh you are a dear! I miss my sherry ! Toast me as always and enjoy a glass or two for me. Love always xxx (she was really disappointed to have to go)