Nicholas McCutcheon (Denise McCutcheon)

“Mum, really you had to post a topless picture of me and he laughs (a lot) You’ve been pretty busy since you last saw me, good on ya! Coz if life had stopped for you too much you know I would’ve just made things move even more. I know my leaving wasn’t the best or really part of the plan but hey I don’t have to worry about grey hairs. (he makes me feel Christmas time was an important time for him) He says I’m all good Mum really I am – tell my Dad too if you can.  I know this will be a cool surprise Christmas message for you so say HI to everyone and don’t ever forget to set me a place but you can stop counting my birthdays now let me stay young huh! Love you Mum (I wanted to use Ma like is was a slang pet name you’d know?) PS and Dad and Sisters xx