Dianne Maree Spencer (Jessica Inglis)

Out of all the great pictures that was my best – she’s laughing so much. She loves how young she looks, she makes me look at her Date of Birth to show me she’s younger than me. Life is fun, life is so quick, so keep enjoying it, it’s way too short to worry and complain. Someone around you has a heart complication or maybe that was her actually I feel it is both, make sure you get checked out please. You have a lot to look forward to now and she can’t wait to watch and grow with you. Be all you can be and never give up, then you will know you are OK. I’m fine, lots to do here and oh my god, it’s so so easy and no dusting (housework) she laughs again. She stresses again she is worried about someone’s health so please go to the Doctor and get checked out. Much love to you all, all the time Mum X