Joseph Winder (Donna McKnight)

You couldn’t pick a coloured photo? It’s OK I love this one too and I know exactly why you chose it, thank you! Well you know me never one to jump up and say pick me, pick me, but you know love, I’m always  around you, you hear me and feel my energy all the time, but bless Alice’s heart she’s been calling on me for a few weeks now so I thought I better say hello! That’s some boy you have there, you’ve done a good job, just sit and watch now, oh my goodness grandchildren a plenty for you and you think you are busy now, well you will be even more busy soon. I like where you live not ‘where’ so place is good but house isn’t right yet, plenty of time tho’ for now as love is just around the corner you know! You have done so so much good in your life these last 15 years, I wish you would take credit when its given, you deserve the praise so accept it please, for me!

Make sure you look after your health, your stomach is sensitive be careful what you put in it, OK. I’m so so proud of you and I’m sorry I’ve missed so much. Love you lots Dad