Donna Rickard (Amber Rickard)

Oh how lovely you picked me, you know me, never one to push myself on anyone. Well where does the time go I wonder? So much has happened, oh my goodness and change, but well now I get to be with you all whenever ‘I’ like and it’s a lot – I’m stalking you and she laughs. I wasn’t squeaky clean was I? Sorry but you 3 brought me such joy so much more than you all will ever know. She keeps showing me a long white veil like Megan Markles trailing on the ground with lots of lace down the side edges, it’s beautiful, you have to have it no matter what. She is showing me a beach life with grandchildren that she would’ve loved but says to remind you she will still be there.

Remember you, all you need to do is breathe, the firsts are nearly over now, it’s the worst bit for us all but thank you for all your paying attention to my signs – phew!!!! Love you all so, so much.

(remember time means nothing to me now and so for me I’ll see you soon) xxxxx