Donovan James Terry (Martyn Terry)

Oooh I’m here at last. I’ve been a bit quiet but well here I am. Modern Technology, he is showing me his computer he used to have. He feels confused like everything changed since he was alive, he feels very confused at the end, it is like he had tunnel vision, he just couldn’t make out where he was or what was going on. He says there was something in his brain like a blood clot that no one knew, not even him. I feel very nauseous but it’s is more because I’m so dizzy like vertigo, but I just couldn’t articulate properly.

Well, well, well look at all the boys now; fine young lads all of them. To Kevin “you’re a chip off the old block and he gives a little giggle, the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree did it. You’re a good man and I never said it but I’m proud of you. You stuck to your guns even when we all thought that you were mad. Thank you for all you are doing for your Mum, the painting isn’t as good as mine but it’s good, I’m grateful. I’d like you to look after your Gall Bladder! The boys, young men now, are OK – you worry like I did, you need to know they’ll be fine, both of them are going to be OK. Time they moved out though and then you can get a smaller house, then you can go and see your brother again. You’re lucky to have a brother, make the most if it. Only now, can I catch up with mine again.

I miss your Mum something awful. I should’ve told her more, tell her I’m always dancing with her and I’ve got a seat for her when she’s ready.

Martyn, best to last, come on son, you’ve got this. What a beautiful home and I’m always there watching. I love seeing the boys at assembly – aren’t they doing you proud, you know that’s exactly how I felt about you and still do. Every day Martyn – you do such great work and you never ask for nothing. Well I’m making sure that all changes, it’s taken me time but isn’t that the Terry way. Get clear about your vision and your vision will be clearer. Your shed, by the way is in the wrong place and all the ideas for those water tanks will happen soon, it will open up your garden for you. Keep doing what you’re doing but get clearer. I’m so glad you know I’m around – I’m always watching and listening and next year I’ll be really helping, sorry it’s taken me so long. Give Tom and George a hug from their old Grandad and when you see your Mum – he sighs and is upset, “I miss her too”.

I love you all so much more that you ever knew. I’m at peace now and I love where I am, all the bits of me everywhere, it’s great. Now go and be awesome (your Aussie word) that’s what you tell everyone else and now I’m telling you.

Love Dad.

PS – Tell Mum to stop worrying and only do what she wants to do, she doesn’t have to listen to the doctors, they don’t always know best. Tell her to listen to her own body please xx