Dulcie May Royce Sanders (Jackie Sanders)

Hello she says, glad it’s her turn. She feels shy but when you got to know her she was a barrel of laughs and kind-hearted. Her health was always a bit fragile but maybe not as much as she thought when she looks back on it. She likes nice things and it’s nice to know others are still enjoying her things, but they are only things and yes, maybe she did have a few too many.

She would love a proper catch up over a cuppa or maybe even meditate and she’ll be there. There’s so much to enjoy in life and she wants to make sure you’re doing that still. It’s been a long time. A holiday would be good, just some time to think of nothing and to daydream and get organised for whatever the next few months will bring.

She urges you to ‘be present’ please, remember being present is where you can be peaceful and some days she says you just need to be peaceful. Have a happy, happy Christmas and don’t overdo it! Let everyone help, learn from my mistakes – all my love and thank you Mum.