Elaine Walker (Nicki McHenry)

Yes, she laughs, another 2020 death. She’s joking that if only I could pick the lotto numbers like I’m picking the deceased from 2020.

Your Mum is a chatterbox, she’s alive, filled with energy, joy, hope and nosiness. She did not look her age ever and she says you have the same genes. I feel that she was in a bit of pain when she passed, physical and emotional. I feel like she had a fall close to the end as well. I’m not sure that she really recovered.

Christmas, she tuts, it’s 1 day, oh well I know you’ll enjoy it and I know the children will too, make sure you save a space for me. Now…2021 is going to be much, much better thankfully and the new normality will be exactly that. She’s asking you to look after your eyes, don’t neglect them, you only get one pair. Keep baking, I’m wondering if that’s your daughter! Anyway everyone is a better cook than she was so keep going. She’s says you’re tired and really need a sleep (may be she’s talking to me too lols). Seriously, make sure you’re not burning the candle at both ends.

The tinsel that keeps falling down, it’s me!!

Love you lots and I miss you all so very much.

Mum X