Eleonora (Nora) Davis (Lisa McRobert)

Oh blimey, it’s been such a long, long time and here I am up front and centre. Thank you for doing this, I hope hearing a wee word from me at this time of year brings you a smile.

I’m a Grandmother, would you believe it, or at least I’m going to be. I haven’t missed a single thing. I have seen so much even though I was young. Yes, Yes I was too young, still wanted to live forever. Funny thing is you kinda do live on, not just in spirit but in everyone you leave behind. I’m glad everyone is happy, most of the time, and I’m glad I stopped aging. You are all doing so well. Just tell your brother to watch driving so fast, you’re meant to slow down for corners and she laughs.

I’ve never been alone here, always had someone to talk to and I know we will meet again and that will be lovely, but until then keep doing what you’re doing and remember, you’re meant to make mistakes, it’s called life. You are all so like me it’s so, so lovely to see.

I love hanging around the next generation and at Christmas you still carry on my traditions, thank you. I miss you every single day but I know you are doing me proud. Merry Christmas, I’m always sending you signs it’s never your imagination. All my love Mum xxx love you always!