Elvira Gagliardi (Sandra Elliott)

She feels very, very, matter of fact – she liked things how she liked them and my handwriting is important to her right now. She ‘loves’ this photo she says she was so well here so thank you for choosing this one. She’s made me feel there’s a house move on the horizon and she’ll follow wherever you go, she can find you no worries. She wasn’t sure or she was very careful about people like me but she says to tell you, you can trust this one! I feel she is connected to someone who had or has breast cancer and that’s all OK with her now. She’s asking you to look after yourself please just like you took care of her. Slow everything down a bit, start to enjoy things again please, no more excuses, life is to be lived not observed please. I love this wall it’s much nicer than a cemetery and much warmer so come read my message as often as you like and you’ll know I’m right beside you. I mean where else would I be anyway. Love Mum

P.S. Remember slow down, life’s not a downhill ride it’s a roller coaster and you can get off every now and again and just watch.

Thanks for everything XXX