Marjorie Snow (Emma Forrest)

Oh Hallelujah, you’ll make everyone’s day. That’s such a young picture of me, can you tell my daughter I’m with my Dad she says and she cries, it was so long ago and I missed him so much, but he was there just as I remembered him.  Thank you for waiting patiently I’m glad you did this it’s a lovely idea and will get so popular you’ll see (she is such a lovely caring person even giving me help lols) So life goes on just as I said, you can’t change the past but you can learn from it, that’s all  you can do. I’m glad to see the family so grown up and new babies and more new babies (I loved the babies)Tell my own children to stop carrying on so and she laughs – enjoy life more that’s all that matters, all the bills, and health etc just concentrate on what you do love and have and it will all be fine. No one focuses enough on one thing these days, stop juggling so much please, one thing at a time. We used to have a whole day just for washing when I was young, a whole day imagine that. She loved reading and suggests you do more of it. Well I’ll sign off now but I’m always around and helping when I can, always helping and listening. Love you all xxx