Erika Lindsay (Karen Ferguson)

Well it’s been 5 years, what a 5 years it’s been. You certainly are part of history now.

I loved my life. I loved being alive. It’s taken you a bit of time but you feel alive again and I’m so glad. My passing was just my soul longing to be free and now I can be every where I like. Please pop the champagne this year for me, celebrate life, life is for living, keep living and keep planning. Moving is not really necessary but making the best of what you now have is huge. You have so much and I’m so proud of you.

Thank you for everything you do for everyone, including me. Keep looking after your joints. Remember also it’s the little things that matter, that make the biggest impact. I look forward to walking on the beach with you again.

Love you always, always will,

Mum X