Eunice Thompson (Sharon Waterman)

“Right, can you hear me”? “Good you can!”.

She wants everyone to get along. That’s all she ever wanted, she promises. She’s coughing, almost as if her lungs and heart got the better of her.

Now you’re worrying too much about things you can’t change. It’s time to see everything that does work. I was a terrible worrier, it never helped me. Worry and you worry more. It’s better to enjoy everything then you have more to enjoy.

My handwriting has gone very small and neat. Neatness was important. Being clean, neat and tidy sets you up for your day.  Be kind and kindness follows. She really wants you to live life because when you’re with her again you’ll be wishing you’d done more. So her message is keep living like you’ve no tomorrow. Enjoy everything. Laugh lots and the only person you ever have to forgive is yourself.

I think your Dad is with her and he’s telling you that.

Merry Christmas. Have fun this year.

All my love,

Mum X