Garharda Johanna Klomp (Margaret) (Rochelle Croft)

“What do I do”? she says. She doesn’t want to do it wrong. Do you know she’s with you always and it’s as natural as breathing to come to you? You often doubt she’s around but she’s never left you. She picked 11 because 11:11 is the best way for loved ones to say a quick hello and let you know they are supporting you.

You have kept many of her traditions going whether you realise that or not. She is happy, obviously not as happy as when you hugged her; yes, she remembers those big squeezes. She wants you to know she’s not alone, never has been. No one here is alone, it’s all amazing energy, like radiowaves and we tune into the ones that are focused on us.

So much has changed and she loves that. Everyone is closer nowadays and that’s good. So much easier than in her day.

So go have a wonderful, festive time. (Just like we used to)

Love Always