Gerald Hawes (Jacqueline Hawes)

He laughs, “Where did you find this picture? Well haven’t you had a ball? How do you feel? I’m exhausted for you but also thrilled you did it. I know it was hard without me but you’ve done it now. So what’s next? You can do anything so make sure you do please”.

“Keep an eye on the trees. Your summer will be blowy. Make sure you keep going out and living and watching live bands. You feel more alive now than you have in a long time. It makes me happy for you”.

“I’m still loving our grandchildren and there are more to come. Imagine that. Please keep on writing. It’s good for the soul. I’m doing ok, still miss you all every day but the signs are getting easier to spot, I hope”.

“I really wanted to speak to you this Christmas. It feels right and I know there will be so much fun and laughter and I’m right there enjoying every minute with you.

I love you to the moon and back. I just never said it enough.

All my love,


PS Yes, I miss our girls but this is for you! XX