Gwendoline Kaesler (Ali Woolford)

“There’s no hiding it, I loved my family and I loved Christmas. Thank you for putting me here. It feels so much more alive than a cemetery”.

I feel she was short of breath towards the end and everything was hard work. She watched all the tears and tantrums afterwards.  She had a good life. Yes, it was full of ups and downs but it was a good life. “I knew I was alive”. She still sits on the sofa with you all when you relax and comes to the nail salon too! There are times when you hear her loud and clear in your head. It’s never your imagination. “It’s never your imagination, it’s always me”, she says.

Someone is worried about cancer. She asks you to tell them to stop worrying, that will only make things worse.  Also can you turn up the television? She still struggles to hear it and then laughs.

Her heart is your heart. Love to everyone and thank you for all you’ve done.