Harry Rees (Barbara Osmand)

Oh thank you he says, thank you! I’ve been waiting patiently and here we are – great news. I feel breathless or a bit wheezy when he steps forward, he’s a really, really nice man and everyone liked him. He didn’t like fuss yet he liked to be remembered when it mattered.

He tried his best to give good advice and help when he could and he liked that people listened, he can see that now. What a great send-off he got, it was just what he wanted, thank you!

He says life is actually a bit of a dream, blink and you’ll miss it, but he feels you are not doing that – he feels you give 100% to everything. Sometimes it’s too much so make sure you enjoy everything you do, instead of doing everything, enjoy everything – that way you will do what you love and that will make him really happy!

Whatever you want to do at Christmas is what you should do, not making everyone happy, just make you happy. So his message is – you come first, when you’re happy your life will be happy. So maybe that job change is exactly what you need right now! Even moving house is good but don’t listen to me Lols.

Merry Christmas, Lots of Love Gdad XXX