Hazel Windebank (Steven Windebank)

Ooooh you saw me, thank you so much! (what  a lovely polite lady) she’s laughing now, yes till you get to know me eh! She likes this picture reminds her it was such a special day. She always felt the love, always and she wants to make that clear no matter what else she was putting up with she always felt the love so thank you for that. I feel like she came from and had a big family or at least lots of people around her who loved her sooooo much – she’s very grateful for all her family. Her memory may not have been the best at the end but faces, well she always remembered faces.  She’s had a few join her and they will celebrate at Christmas just as much as you need to. She’s making me feel someone is about the have an operation, she says they’ll be OK and not to worry. She can really help now. I feel nursing may be in the family or someone should be a nurse actually both! Right well she says Merry Christmas and get on with the house move it’s time.

Love Mum X