Heather Bailey

Heather comes across a little nervous at first, full of intrigue. This was a beautiful soul of a woman – one of the kindest people you could meet (she thanks me).
“Well I don’t have to worry about eating too much here”, she laughs. She tells me you’re tired, more than just the time of year, You just give, give, give but it’s time to ‘give to you’ – hurry up and have that holiday please, it’s long overdue – (she’s talking to me too). It just confirms what a lovely, lovely, caring person she is. She wants you to know she loved being your sister, totally loved it. You had fun and games. She makes me feel like she’s with Mum – she also makes me feel she can either understand or use sign language – like someone you knew was deaf and they are here with her but can hear now and she smiles a huge big smile. “I love you Meryle, thank you for being ‘you’, the best sister a girl could have. Merry, Merry Christmas but lets not meet up too soon, you are still too busy – enjoy the Grand kids a bit more, all my love Sis.