Helen Maxwell (Dellys Haynes)

Oh how she will be excited – there she was busying about in her usual fashion and up pops a hello from Mum. There’s a slight English twang to her voice. Nice hat she laughs, like the hats were a family joke.

She says her heart breaks for you lovely, you’ve been missing her for so long and the silly thing is she’s been talking to you every day since she left.

The name Gary just popped up or a name similar to this. I think she’s with him and it was so nice to see him again.

She says please keep looking forward, there’s no point in looking back, that won’t get you anywhere. Onwards and upwards, chin up, 2020 will be so clear for you, you know what you have to do so please just get on with it. She’s very happy at the decisions you’ve made, very happy. There’s a grandson who’s all grown up now, say Hi from her won’t you.

All my love, Mum X