Honor Wilam Whitlow (Lynda Whitlow)

Oh, how lovely, it’s my turn, gosh, what to say! What to say, do I talk about the weather? She never wanted to be a burden to anyone ever. She loved children and keeps watch over the Grandchildren. She is so polite and thanks me for doing this.

She says things have been hard for you this year and she promises she’s been trying to help you. Sometimes you hear and sometimes you don’t and that’s OK. What does matter is you are always trying. You are forgetful because you have too much on your plate. Try doing one thing at a time. One thing, imagine that.

Now…… your eating, yes here I am still looking out for you. Watch what you eat, you know what to avoid!!! Did you know how grateful I was for my family, I hope you all knew. Plan next year, month by month, and make sure you’re exercising every day. If you want to walk at the beach, I’ll join you. If you want to walk in the forest I’ll join you, so just do it. 2021 is the time to put your own oxygen mask on first, then you can help others.

I love this, thank you so much.

Lots of love

Mum XX