Howard Walker (Jessica Walker)

Awwe you’ve got more hair than me in this picture don’t you! How are you ? This is new, better watch my P’s & Q’s. Well you managed a whole year without me didn’t you. You did it and so did I. I am always talking to you so no you’re not going mad.

You know it went dark then all of sudden I was like WTF. It was like someone was shining a really bright light in my eyes. I was so confused for a while, then I saw my Mums mum and I knew I’d be OK. Then I saw you all at the funeral/wake and I thought WTF yip, I’m gone. You did so well, you all did, thank you so much.

I know there’s been anger and frustration but next year will be so much easier, it just will. Can you make sure you all go to the beach for me and take me with you. The beach is a happy place for me and I feel at peace because you are also at peace there, you all are.

Watch what you are eating, you have a bit of indigestion going on, so just watch it. When you are out walking I’ll be there, when there are smelly smells,I’ll be there. I’ll always be there no matter what, I’ll be there supporting you and sending you my love, and remember whenever you make a decision, as long as you are happy with it, how could it be a wrong decision?

Merry Christmas Love Dad xx