Isabella Dixon (Kristy Dixon)

Oh Mum, Mum she’s picked me, she’s picked me. I was annoying and you keep telling everyone I was such a loving, good girl but we both know I annoyed my brother (or a very strong sister). Mum it’s so good here, this is funny she says “it’s like writing you a postcard”. I can have ice cream all day if I want, I don’t but I could she giggles.

I’m sorry I left you behind so quickly but at least I get to look after you whenever I want now. Please put me on the Christmas tree, I know it can be sad but I feel like I can see everything from there and who doesn’t love Christmas. You need to laugh more Mum, we’re both sad of course but we both need to laugh and then you’ll feel better, happier. I can hear a dog barking in my neighbour’s garden, she makes me feel like she’s left a dog behind or wanted a dog. I actually think she just loved animals, it’s really important to her that you know she’s OK – she promises she’s being really, really well looked after, and she still loves hanging around the pool or water – loves it and the sun doesn’t burn her.

She’s making me feel like you have or are considering planting a tree that will continue to grow for her. She loves that idea. She blows kisses to you all, even Dad and she gives me a huge grin. Love you XXXX