Italico “Frank” Piro (Renee Polden)

He made me look at his dates, how amazing, born 22/11, died 23/11, 79 years later. He says he never acted his age, age has too much importance put on it. It’s way better to just live, no matter what number is there. Are you living fully, right now he asks?

I feel he may of had a quick passing and everyone was just so sad because he’s just such a nice man. I think he was happy it was quick though. Life keeps going on, he wants to make this message count, he wants to make sure you are happy? He doesn’t think you like you’re job maybe and if so he really wants you to speak up before someone else does.

He’s grateful to all his family and his wife – he sighs and there are tears in his eyes. She’s still so beautiful and he’s always with her, always will be, no matter what. Thank you for thinking of him and putting him here, he’s grateful, he likes it a lot. It’s a great place to be, so much positivity and love, not like a graveyard at all. XX