James Collins (Gaynor Murray)

What a haircut and he laughs “I’m so cool eh!” I feel sick and frustrated, he so wasn’t ready to die – I feel like he had so much more to do and be and say! So instead he’ll bug you and keep on at you ‘til you listen.

James had a good heart but he says he was easily led and he laughs that I wrote that. Merry Christmas btw he says to all of you everywhere – he gets to have Chrissy dinner with loads of people and doesn’t put on a pound he laughs. He asks you to give Mum his love please and he’s with her a lot – all the weird signs are him. There’s a funny smell connected to him but he’s laughing at that too, you’ll know?

Only I move house more – really again, laughing! Thanks for putting me on here I feel special and I love that everyone gets to visit me here – thank Aunty Karen? for me too, feels like Karen is important here for him and I had to mention it. Merry Christmas, go and open presents and eat love J xxx