James McKinnon Watts (Kristin McLarty)

What a wonderful photograph, he loved nature, he loved being outdoors, not the heat but the peace and tranquillity outdoors brings. He lived a full life and saw many changes in this life – he was just tired at the end, sadly – old and tired but he never stopped trying. He tells me so quickly to remind you how much he loved you, you were the apple of his eye.

He makes me feel you could do with a ‘pick me up’ right now so he hopes the fact that he grabbed my attention away from someone else will do that, be the little lift you need.

He makes me feel his wife, your Mum is now with him or at least still with him in his heart. He loves that you used this photograph because it truly is him, the epitome of him.

Life can get better and better and he has a granddaughter  who needs reminding of this, make sure you are always looking at the glass half full please and take a holiday, get some well earned rest. Thank you for all you do for the family, it really is appreciated. He says to finish off by telling you the end was very peaceful for him and there really is nothing to this dying, it’s just the end of another cycle!

Merry Christmas to you all. Make sure you get a full family photo this year.

Lots of love & Christmas cheer Dad X