James Richard Woodrup (Nicole Woodrup)

Hiya, well isn’t this a surprise for you? How are you? Well, funnily enough I know the answer to that.

So how am I? (He’s laughing, he’s still making it all about him). I’m good, can’t complain, never could never did, life goes on without the heat! I’m glad you are smiling again, life’s too short to not laugh and smile. Keep yourself healthy, I should’ve looked after myself more, sorry.

He’s making me feel he has a daughter (possibly two) but anyway he’s not missed a thing, he watches over you all. He’s got plenty of people to talk to so don’t you worry about that. He’s reminding you that he’s free now, he can truly come and go as he chooses and he’s always checking in on you all.

Someone’s got a tattoo, he’s laughing about it, like it was a big deal, one’s enough, he says. Don’t worry about this virus, it will blow over, nothing will ever be the same but it is a storm in a teacup, you’ll be OK, just do the right thing for you. Make sure that you get out more and feel the wind on your face.

Love you and I should’ve told you more, even every day.

Happy Christmas XX