Janelle Chapman (Stacey Reilly)

God, is this really the best photo, I’m not even smiling, but hey, my hair’s shiny. So what you been up to? Apart from asking me constantly if I’m there. I’ve got jobs to do you know, I’m not sitting on my a**e (ha ha ha, she doesn’t like swearing, meaning me, Alice).

So you’re doing so much better than you realise you know. Your still a crazy b***h but I love ya heaps. You really need to focus on you, stop always worrying about other people, in fact stop worrying full stop. Life is going to go on no matter what you do or don’t do, so you might as well make it count. I can’t live life to the full anymore so it’s time you did! Watch the new movie, The Secret, Dare to Dream, just to remind you how this positivity stuff actually works.

Give my love to everyone and I’m watching you, no not in a creepy way!

Love J XX