Jeanette Peacock (Suzanne)

I could hear her name being called from a crowd behind me, like she was being distracted doing a hundred things at once as usual and being the life and soul of the party. She then went on to berate me for my pen running out. She is quite bossy but laughing at the same time.

You are all still sad she is gone but of course she’s not forgotten. This is the perfect place for her, she says. She loves this photo.

“75!, who can believe I was 75? It still feels so young. I feel a bit confused as to what really happened in the end but anyway I’m here and actually loving it. I miss all my family of course and just simple things. That’s the key, it’s the simple things that matter. If I can give you all one piece of advice it would be, please keep it simple. We are animals, food and shelter is really all we need. Of course this technology is amazing but yeah, keep this Christmas simple, easy and fun, with wine of course and maybe coffee”.

She asks you to give her girls a hug and make sure the Christmas tree is up and shining. “I’ll be there in spirit”.

Whoever is selling a house or moving, she gives a big thumbs up!

Merry Christmas everyone X