Sam Wykes (Jo French)

I heard shouting – go to R-Z go straight to the end, do it, do it! I feel Sam was one for adventure, he loved a prank and loved to be busy, he says to tell you his whole life was the best adventure he’s ever undertaken so thanks everyone for being a part of his life story. Your son has to write his story, there is so much to say and he will help,  it will make him feel better he promises. He really wants his Mum to know he’s OK, it was a bit of a trip this time but he’s OK. He thinks it’s hilarious to be inside my head and jokes what a gift that would be if he was still alive and able to get inside girls heads,  man he’d make a fortune. Seriously bro well done you’ve done good in the past 10 years, really proud of you. Don’t stress about not coming to see me, I wouldn’t either, all good! Great picture by the way thank the folks and my sisters for that. Gotta go, you be awesome and this is the best cemetery, not depressing but fun, shows who we all really were (he thanks me- what a nice genuine guy)

See you when you are old and grey, Ha Ha Ha

X for my Mum