Noelene Bates (Jo French)

Well she says “I’ve been waiting patiently for my turn and here it is today” – she thanks me – she is such a gracious lady, kind, soft, caring and would and did do anything for everybody. She liked things done properly, didn’t matter if they weren’t perfect as long as you tried your best to do them as properly as possible. She knows you loved her and miss her dearly and that makes her really smile. You’re a beautiful big hearted girl (woman) and as long as you do your best then never mind what anyone else says. She hears you all when you talk to her and does her best to show you the answers and help you along. She makes me feel like there is a wedding coming up soon and she loves the dress.Please she says ‘give my love to everybody. I miss you all and all our antics’ She laughs. She jokes about her missing her car like that has some significance for you all. Don’t stop what you’re doing, keep at it, it will pay off in the end she promises. She says special love to the ‘D’ in her life and thanks again for putting her on here, she loves it xx