Nigel McKenzie (Jo French)

He’s a nice man  – awe, what a nice man and to die on 11th of 2011 – there’s his sign right away that it was his time. He says there are so many people here he knows, it’s quite surprising and he never has a dull moment – not even in death and he smiles. I feel very optimistic about your future, whatever you are doing keep doing it because it is working. There are lots of changes happening all around and he’s very grateful for that. He was tired, it was time and although he wasn’t ready really, he says who is really? Who wants to stop the wonderful opportunity we get to live. He’s showing me a new baby – that was good news. The temperature for him is just right, he feels good, no worries here. He says someone’s had a cancer scare but they are OK. He wraps you all in his heart everyday and the bird song is his hello to you. And he loves the butterfly (is it a tattoo?) Well he loves it……. Happy Christmas and may 2018 be even happier love Dad xx