John Dodemaide (Diana Dodemaide)

Thanks for picking a happy picture, I’m glad you did – she’s not sure about the beard and neither was he, just lazy – he has the biggest laugh. I feel quite tight in my chest as I tune into his energy but I actually think that’s you holding onto the pain of losing him so young (both of you).

He’s happy to talk to you but for what you want he says it will take more than 15 mins. His head drops and I feel all serious – he’s sorry he couldn’t hang on, sorry to not be there, sorry for everything. He wants to make sure you can hear him – “he’s sorry”.

Please don’t let outside influences ruin your life, be the girl he always knew you to be – please – no matter what anyone else says, you have to be you, no matter who you are like. He’s at peace now and that’s important but only if you all are. Going over and over it won’t change anything but moving ahead changes everything. I feel like there’s a little boy with his name, it makes him tear up now. So love and God bless talk soon Dad x