John Douglas (Kimberley Carline)

Oh you’re doing just fine he says loudly. I miss you too but seriously you’re doing great, you know that. I never told you what to do anyway I just read your mind and said it back to you, he laughs.

I was a pain, he laughs again.

Seriously I couldn’t be prouder and yes Id’ve been a brilliant grandad but I still can be, they know I’m around, you all do – well you should, I try hard enough to let you know. Not sure that dress will still fit you tho’ (on the picture). He’s just so funny, it’s hard to get him to be serious.

Ok so words of comfort Alice asks me, ooh words of comfort……

OK, OK I love the house, I like your hair, yes even the grey. You’re doing/being an awesome Mum, just remember to breathe more and watch your expectations of others – remember they are just that and you are always let down by your own expectations of others. Have a rest this Christmas and I look forward to my roast – I miss you more than you can imagine but I also love being around you as much as I am. Love to everyone, Dad.

P.S. No pain and no I’m not alone! Book yourself an appointment or a gift voucher for Christmas xx