John Lane (Toni Talbot)

23/12/16 – John says to say Hi – that’s all, just “Hi”- oh and a Merry Christmas of course x

2015 – Hello love, how’s your day? (John has a very gentle, soft, caring voice but he can raise it if anyone steps out of line – ha ha ha). Now you’re just too sad, come on it’s just not you – you’re a bright one, usually all smiles, don’t let a little thing like me not being there make you sad! I loved you then – i love you now and I’ll get to love you all over again you’ll see but ’til then let the sun keep shining for us both. I love what you’ve done with my remains – very respectful (he makes a joke as if you could’ve put him in the recycle bin.) I love you, remember that and the sun will come back you’ll see – so every time you tell me that, I’m saying it right back at you. Thank you for a wonderful life, God Bless xx

Feedback: John’s message is what I really needed. I have felt so lost without him. We had a wonderful life together. Thank you so much I appreciate what you have done, in coming into contact with John on the other side. He has many little friends there with our Charlies. They will keep him busy. You got John to a ‘T’ with a soft voice. Yes we always joked about things in life. Love and light to you also.