Josh Erikson (Donna Erikson Rigby)

Hey Mum, surprise!

Sorry I left you too soon. Sucks really but no point in dwelling on what’s in the past. You taught me that.

Thanks for putting me on here, hope this is a Christmas surprise you won’t forget. I’m out of pain, that’s the best thing but Mum, you’re still in pain. I’m OK, honest I am. You know I’ll see you again. You know I’m still with you everywhere (even round your neck). Mum, please do your best again, that’s what you told me. Do your best to live. I want to watch you grow old but happily and old. You know I’m there so keep talking to me, I’m always listening. I won’t though if you don’t start getting out more and living properly again. See I can tell you what to do now.

OK, love you to the moon and back, Mum.

Merry Christmas, talk again soon,

Lots of love Josh X

(He made me feel like his spelling was really bad and he was glad I was better)