Alice Spurr (Julie Attard)

……… she is a lovely lady a real gentle soul – wishes now 100 was her time she says imagine if I’d made 1999 – oooh!

She says “I loved my life and I love watching all of yours – it’s amazing to see how many people’s lives I touched and didn’t even realise, what a joy. 25 years ago, it’s gone in a flash for me but so much has happened and changed – not just in my family but in the world – I get to see and catch up on it all now its amazing – new houses, new schools always new life that’s what I want my family to remember, life really is a cycle and each cycle can get stuck or get better so keep it moving ad keep making it better. She says there was a baby called Alice somewhere and she bursts into a huge smile – Thank You she loves it! Happy Christmas enjoy the heat, Much love Mum, Great Nana ,Nan and Me xxxx