Leonard Jenkins (Kasandra LeRoux)

He comes through struggling with breath, he was always a really, really busy man, never sat still and it’s like by me saying his name and looking at his picture I’ve pulled him away from being busy indeed – lols of course breathing is easy now it was only at the end and his silly blood pressure and his wonderful big heart was too full of love it couldn’t cope and he says laughing, his big appetite.  Well well well here you are, this will make her Christmas you know he says to me, one of the best presents I’d say.  How are you all, we all know I’m fine – no more ageing, indigestion, work ,heat (he’s a real character) I loved my family and still do he says – I get frustrated when they get impatient and you know life is meant to be hard or challenging as well as good otherwise how do you know not to do something again! He is drawing my attention to a blond 20 year old maybe a granddaughter, he says if she wants to do nursing she needs to but make sure she has a specialty maybe “hearts”. There are so many people to mention but for right now “Merry Christmas” keep talking to me I’m always listening Love Dad x