Geoff Featherston (Kate McGoggan)

“Well, well, well, what a lucky man I was, so lucky. I knew it but didn’t always appreciate it”. He feels like he had a great sense of humour and sometimes you would just want him to be serious for five minutes.

“Yes I had a temper and I could be loud but I loved my family”.

I can smell a smoky smell but not cigarettes, more something to do with his job. He complained about his work but he still got up every day and did it. He never really grew tired of living (he just showed me a huge tyre?) His breathing and lungs weren’t too flash at the end and sadly he had to go but he was NOT ready to leave you all. It’s been ten years but sometimes it still feels like last week, for him too. So thank you for keeping his memory alive. He loves connecting with you at the beach. You are so at peace there.

Merry Christmas. I’ll be there, don’t you worry, Oh and of course I’ve met all my Grandchildren.

Love Dad x