Kathleen Evelyn Evison/Ertle (Andrea Radnovic)

Kath pushed her way right to the front and would be Dec 1st if I’d let her, it’s so funny! She’s very impatient and feels like she has too much to say to everyone. She actually prefers pushy and then laughs at me, she liked things how she liked them. Life is supposed to be easy but everyone makes it so hard these days. All we need is a warm bed, food on the table and people who genuinely love you, that’s all you need. That’s what I’m most grateful for. There’s so much to see on your own doorstep, remember that.

She’s showing me a little ballerina, she loves watching all the dancing, it’s a bit too much but she loves how happy they all are in their own little worlds. She’s sitting down with her feet up, everyone has an expiry date but you’re never ready for it, it’s OK, it’s the easy part, no matter how it works when we pass, it’s easy.

She’s with a man now, I just heard a ‘J’ sound, maybe Jim? Anyway she says she or he can hear now, so no more shouting.

You need to put your chin up, there is a huge open door out there for you and you are looking the other way, well sometimes, please turn and face it, face it all, there is so much for you to do and see. You have to lead by example that’s who you are, lead and others will follow. Your dust and kids toys will always be there ‘til they move out so best to do something you love now. I promise I’m helping, lots of people are, even Grandad.

A girl’s weekend away is just what you ALL need – 4 days, no kids, just grown ups – Bliss!

You have something of hers, feels like a Christmas ornament, or someone does and she loves how remembered she is all the time, the love you all feel for her is exactly what she feels for you, nothing has changed, keep talking to her, she loves it!

Your youngest sees her too or feels her most, you’ll get what she means, keep up all the voodoo, she loves it. I love her sense of humour, her love, her passion, grace – ‘apparently’ you are like her! No arguments, she won’t stop talking.

All of you should have a reading with me to talk to her. OK all my love now and always Aunty Kath XX

P.S. She is such a talker, oh my goodness, she says they will be pulling her off stage with a big stick.