Kelly Meester (Donna Jan McKnight)

“What a great photo. I still look like Madonna in the 80’s”, she laughs.

“Someone famous, come on, give me that!” She has a great sense of humour, full of fun and adventure and although she is sadly no longer living, she tells me this is the best adventure yet. So she asks that instead of missing her so much, can you remember she’s just having an adventure and by the time you all join her she’ll be a tour guide and she’s laughing.

“To think of everyone she’s left behind is just too sad (for all of us)“ she says. She wants everyone to keep remembering the good times. She had lots of those and there are still so many to come. There’s no way she will be missing any more weddings, she’ll be up front and centre at them all.

You’ve apparently changed jobs and she’s happy for you. “It’s a good idea. You could still do more travel, please !”.

“I definitely did not suffer. I don’t want anyone thinking that I suffered or that I was alone. I wasn’t and I know it.  Thank you for always being there for me, it means everything to me. This is not goodbye, it’s just see you later.

Take care of you.

All my love,  Kel x