Ken Eather (Julie Hollis)

What a beautiful man, I’m not surprised you wanted to hear from him. Can I just say he’s still a cheeky Charlie, always has been, always will be. He liked a tipple but not a big drinker. He was so sad when he lost his Mum but now he’s with her and was so glad to see her.

Well, he says, life goes on doesn’t it? Who knew so much would change with you all. He made me work out his age because he was just too young to go. There was too much to see and do, not that anyone will be going anywhere anytime soon. I miss you all so much but I’m pleased life has continued exactly as it should do. It’s important you look after yourself and not run yourself ragged, too many people relying on you, you have to stop and look after you, remember you are no good to anyone if you fall apart. There are too many people relying on you so stop and remember this.

My rose quartz heart crystal on my table has been vibrating the whole time I’m connecting with your Dad he’s so, so keen to let you know how loved you are. Look after each other right now, it’s like war time all over again he laughs. Seriously, remember to laugh and have fun, that’s how we got through the war, we kept laughing and having fun.

Love all the pictures you put on here, thank you and I’m sorry it took me so long to get a message to you.

Love to everyone and please do what makes you happy.

All my love Dad X