Dorothy Tranter (Kerri Haynes)

Hello, Hello, well you looked after me well didn’t you? You could’ve posted a younger picture with my lipstick on but I do like the colour of my top, I’ll give you that. Oh do you know I am so busy, so, so many people to catch up with, never a dull moment here and let me tell you I can move easily again, nothing stopping me now. I’ve had so much to say to so many people, you know that. No time to miss my life really, so you should be the same. I know I’ll see you again now for sure, so don’t  worry about missing me just get on with living lots.

Now get those lights up in the right place, you know you love Christmas, as long as its done your way ha ha ha, only teasing. ( I love her sense of humour and her zest for life, that her physical body denied her) She is very, very content and loves you all. You have a brother too she wants to make it fair to everyone, so tell them all individually she says hello. Much love and thanks because you always do too much, Mum Xxx