Kevin Parnell (Davina Colquhorn)

I felt so, so indecisive when I tuned into him and so distracted, like it was so hard to focus on just one thing, like his instant message is to slow down, slow down. You’re missing life, all of it. He wants you to take a step back and truly smell the roses. That way you will get all the answers you’re searching for 100% but not whilst you’re going this fast, drop all the spinning plates, one at a time – slow and steady wins the race.

I feel this message is for all of you he left behind. He’s asking that you all savour every moment – he had a good life and he’s so grateful for everyone in it, yes everyone. He is pain-free now and sleeps way better, he chuckles. Thank you for putting him on here, he loves you and you really are his and he gives you the biggest smile. He had a really cheeky way about him and inside he always felt 21.

There is so much more to explore and I just heard the word Portugal so perhaps a long trip overseas is exactly what you’re heading for and soon. The building work going on will always go on, the bills will always come, even when you’re not there anymore so remember STOP, take five and enjoy yourself.

All my love Dad.


PS He made me stop and work out his age, 53, just to remind you how young he was.