Kevin Robin (Kim W)

Well you can’t have a surname like mine and then not get picked at Christmas.

Well well well, who knew I’d be doing this! But here I am 6 years later. I know you are all OK, I made sure of that and I know you all miss me because I miss all of you just as much. I also know life goes on, it has too. So thank you for that. Some days remember it’s enough to just breathe in and out, remember, you don’t always have to be doing.

I loved my life, I complained but I did love it. It goes so fast so keep being still and watching, the busier you are, the faster it goes, the more still you are the better it is. He tells me he has grandchildren, not all of them yet but he knows he has a couple. One of them has his eyes, he loves it.

Now if you need to change your job, don’t over think it, just do it. Thank you for everything you did for everyone, you were/are so young, I’m so grateful for you. Don’t you dare have any regrets, just learn from them and let them go – I know I have.

‘Til we meet again my gorgeous daughter (family)

Dad XX

Oh and Happy Christmas too.