Kristie (Deborah Kennedy)

Pick me, pick me, she says. Oh that’s such a great photo, you know I love it too.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to put up with that virus and masks, God what a pain.

How are you? Oh wait, I’m supposed to tell you. You’re doing fine, you could of course be living life a bit more. Yes, it’s winter but trust me, when you’re gone there are so many things you will wish you could do. Guess what? You can still do them. Please live for me, laugh at me, for me, enjoy yourself, more.

You have had to make a few tough decisions. You know what? You did great. You are awesome still. Everyone is growing up so fast, please let everyone know I haven’t missed a thing. I’m always there when you need me most, always and I agree with all the “good” decisions LOL.

Someone still has her phone to listen to her voice, it makes her tear up, she loves it and misses you all, so so much. Take care beautiful, til’ we meet again and you’ve got grey hair and I don’t.

Love you XX