Kym Pilkington (Xanthie Rickard)

There’s my beautiful girl, well young woman now, Wow. You’ve come a long way and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. She’s making me feel like you’ve graduated since she passed or achieved similar because she is so, so proud and has tears in her eyes that she missed it – well, missed it in the flesh; spirit wise she was there of course.

She’s making me feel like a baby is coming? And again she’s so proud. I think you may have a brother because there is a boy she misses too. In fact she misses all of you constantly but loves being able to watch from afar so to speak.

You know she’s always with you and always answers your questions – her voice will always be in your head, always! So go, keep being amazing and enjoy this Christmas coz next year it will be very different.

Love to you all

Mum X