Lambert (Len) Gerding (Terasia Gerding)

I actually love this picture he says, especially the t-shirt.

Even though I was going through hell, I never wanted it to stop. I can hear his laugh and feel, what a kind, generous and warm hearted man he was. (He say I’m making him blush). He had a great sense of humour too. You are so like him, he loves it. Trouble is you don’t see it, so next time you are feeling sad, look in the mirror, you’ll see me staring right back at you.

He says, you have some choices to make right now. Go with your gut instinct, it’s what we are designed to do, to keep our species safe. We are part of the animal kingdom, so know your intuition.

Keep telling my stories, I love listening, they never get old. Speaking of which, yes, you will be old one day but that day is not today. Today is for living. Live, live, live while you can. Make your bucket list, not because life is over or ending but because you are alive and can. Take me to see Ayres Rock!, the heart of the world.

Love you all so much and I’m so proud of everyone at the moment. See you again, love chatting to you. Merry Christmas Dad XX