Lesley Jackson (Leanne Windebank)

Hello Hello, how could I wear that dress, she laughs it’s the best photo of me. I am so alive. You have my smile I’m glad, that means every time you catch yourself smiling it’s a smile from me.

Now you are not listening to your own advice are you! What’s good for others is always good for us. I had so much love to give and so do you so please go give it and lots of it.

I miss all the sparkles at Christmas,, so get the glitter and glitz out will you – why not! There’s a little girl she loves and watches over, she says thank you. I’m so proud of all of you each and every one.

I feel like she had cancer and a few other complications, she laughs at complications and “yes just a few I my life”

Her love is huge, she feels SO alive and content and filled with happiness to be given this 5 minutes. Love again Mum X