Lila McKimmie (Eryn Vuarchoz)

A very ‘matter of fact’ lady, she says “Right now, how long have I got?” You couldn’t have picked a younger photo when I was without my wrinkles? – well I guess you always knew me with my wrinkles, she always had nice handwriting and in a straight line, carefully – she was carefree and careful at the same time – something you are not the best at, she laughs. Now tell your Mum to stop fussing, everything is fine and was fine. I did good time, so I never made 100, well you and your Mum can have a go can’t you?

I’m always listening, what makes you think I would stop. Life is an adventure, I didn’t do enough, its time you did more, don’t let money hold you back please. Now go to the beach and I’ll walk with you, now that I can that is. I loved my life – simple, hard, fun but always honest – thank you to all my family but  know I’m happy  I’m with my Mum and Dad and Sisters and I love it, honest I do! So don’t worry for me now go have fun and look after my great great Lila and all my grandchildren,

Lots of love Nan  XX– not sure that’s right but that’s what she wants me to write